New Game Next Year!

2016-09-20 00:49:27 by Karsys

I'm excited to announce a sequel to a game nobody liked. But it's coming back anyways.

I learned a lot from the faliures and sucesses of One Way, and am going to deliver a much more polished work this time around. There will be more info in the future.


New Animation Soon!

2016-06-15 12:47:19 by Karsys

I'm excited to finally get an animation out there this year!

4788856_146600922143_d62d83bebad2dcf710b7ab5391bf3c49.gif"TRUST FALL!"

Happy Valentine's Day

2016-02-14 14:45:33 by Karsys


One Way is almost to Newgrounds!

2015-09-19 13:32:47 by Karsys

One Way is in it's final steps of production and it's on it's way to Newgrounds! Expect to see it within the next few months!4788856_144268395443_ba1cf339fd889d9f40a5efdfa0175c41.gif

New game!

2015-08-14 14:40:48 by Karsys

       I'm working on a game titled 'One Way'. It was the first place winner of the first "FlamJam" 48 hour game jam, but I have been working on it since it's success. It is set to be published sometime early next month. I'm really excited to show it to you all because it's been a while in the making. I can't wait!



2013-09-14 04:16:55 by Karsys

Well I am here.